UK Nao - NAO Interfaces Hackathon

by Emotion Robotics on the 23/02/2015 20:16:57

The UK Nao user group is planning a new hackathon for all hardware and Nao hackers. It's a great opportunity to play with Nao and interface exciting new hardware and systems to him. Queen Mary University London has been kind enough to proivde the space over the weekend of the 11th and 12th of April. With sponsors such as Aldebaran, Thalmic Labs, makers of the Myo gesture armband, Emotion Robotics and more. Want to know what it's all about? Read on......

"How do robots interface with our world? Our homes, our workplaces, our vehicles, our toys? How else might robots interface with people and other biological systems?

The NAO Interfaces hackathon is all about hacking up interfaces for the NAO robot with hardware, virtual reality, software, wetware, cloud, wearables, crowdfunded projects, biological, smart homes etc.

This hackathon is open to all software & hardware developers and innovators interested in applications that interface with robots. We’re looking for both NAO developers and developers who have an idea or technology they’d like to try in combination with a robot.

NAO interfaces will take place in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London, London E1 4NS from 9am on Saturday 11th April until (approx) 5pm Sunday 12th April. We'll provide food, space to hack and will have some robots on hand. There will be an (optional) social event on Friday 10th: details to follow.

We'll announce details of prizes nearer the event.

We’ll have some fun devices on hand but please feel free to bring your own devices, or build devices during the weekend.

Please note:

  • Teams may be from 1-5 people.
  • All team members must be physically present at QMUL throughout the hackathon
  • Applications must be developed between 8am Satuday 11th April until 3pm Sunday 12th April

Sounds like fun?

You can register at Nao Interfaces on Eventbrite.


Many thanks to Queen Mary University London who are generously sponsoring this event by providing the venue.

Follow @UKNAOHackathon on Twitter or like our UKNAO Facebook page.

NAO is a trademark of Aldebaran."

So please click the Eventbrite link and join us all at the NAO Interfaces hackathon.