Nao ASUS Xtion Mount

by Emotion Robotics on the 28/01/2015 22:41:12

As many of you are aware, Nao has a big sister called Pepper. Pepper is due for release in Japan this February and, although larger, runs the same operating system as Nao. So what is the difference between Nao and Pepper?

The main difference, on a hardware front, is that Pepper has wheels, laser distance sensors and, most importantly, a 3D camera. The 3D camera provides depth sensing and is based on the ASUS Xtion sensor. This is not the Pro version of the Xtion, just the basic one. Poor old Nao does not have enough room in his head for the Xtion sensor but we can provide access to the hardware via his USB port. So how do we add the sensor to Nao?


We have designed a 3D printable mount that can be used with the ASUS Xtion. It is a simple clip on mount based on a design by Misko on Thingiverse (you can find his full version here). We removed some of the covering plastic and made it so it can be printed without support. We print our mounts on a SeeMeCNC Orion Delta but it should print on any 3D printer. You can download the STL file here. The mounting hole is sized to allow the plastic collar that the bolt on the original mount passes through to be used. This is quite important, we have broken the mounting holes on the Xtion by not using it. And here is a quick picture of Nao with the Xtion mounted on his head.

Just one thing to note, please make sure that your Xtion is plugged in before you boot up Nao. You can't hot plug the 3D camera. Once the camera is attached, and Nao has booted, you can use Monitor and the 3D camera plugin to see if it is working. You should get something like the following: