About Nao

Nao Robot

NAO is a 58-cm tall humanoid robot. He is small, cute and round. You can't help but love him! NAO is intended to be a friendly companion around the house, a teaching aid in schools, colleges and universities and a tool to help SEN children. He moves, recognises you, hears you and even talks to you!

Aldebaran created NAO to be a true daily companion. He is the little creature who helps you be your best. His humanoid form and extreme interactivity make him really endearing and loveable.

Some of Nao's features include:

  • Face recognition in-built

  • People perception in-built

  • Full dialog (chat) capability

  • Speech recognition

  • Object recognition (trainable database)

  • Wifi enabled and internet connected

  • 25 degrees of freedom

  • Two cameras

  • An inertial measurement unit

  • Touch sensors

  • Four directional microphones

SDKs in Python, Java and C++, plus Aldebaran's Choregraphe GUI IDE.