How Robot Carers Could Be The Future For Lonely Elderly People 

Loneliness and social isolation are problems for many seniors, but studies have shown that help could come from social robots

Intelligent Social Robots Must Have a "Theory of Mind" 

Recognizing other minds is essential for intelligent social interaction.

Jibo Is Probably Totally Dead Now 

social robot company has sold its IP and assets

Virtual Assistants Evolve, But Will They Be Integrated in Robots? 

Will smart speakers and appliances lead to other instances of robotics and artificial intelligence in homes?

Eurostar deploys interactive robot at St Pancras station 

Eurostar passengers in the departure area of London St Pancras station can now interact with a humanoid robot to find more information about their journey.

Google Cloud Robotics Platform coming to developers in 2019 

Robotics management via the Google Cloud is on its way.

People can interact socially even with distinctly non-humanoid robots 

Researchers have found that humans are able to interact easily with robots even if these don’t look like humans...

JackRabbot 2 is Stanford’s friendly new campus-roaming social robot 

JR2 focuses on being in human environments with humans...

Will robots replace teachers and nurses? 

Robots are already helping in classrooms and hospitals around the world and it is clear that our understanding of robotics needs to be explored further.

The 'dunce robots' of Japan will help children learn 

Fumihide Tanaka's educational robots do not perform the role of an all-knowing teacher.

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