What is Assist for Autism and Special Needs?

Assist for Autism and Special Needs is taking special education forward with a user friendly, engaging robot assistant for teachers, complete with ready to use activities to help children reach new levels of greatness.

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Nao Robot
The Nao robot is an interactive robot that can act as a link between human and technological worlds. With his highly predictable, and repeatable behaviour, he can reduce anxiety and provide a tireless, non-judgemental tool for teachers.
Assist for Autism
The Assist for Autism and Special Needs interface, provides a single interface for teachers to control Nao and configure the activities available on him. Using a web browser, on a pc, laptop, iPad or any device that supports JavaScript, Nao can be managed and activities configured and launched to create a unique experience tailored to your students.
A range of fun and educational activities are supplied with Assist for Autism and Special Needs. Based an a variety of approaches and models (ABA, PECS, SCERTS etc.), these activities can assist in teaching social and communication skills by positively stimulating your students and providing positive feedback through Nao the robot.
Assist for Autism provides the following benefits:
  • Comes with an exciting range of activities based on various approaches such as ABA, PECS, SCERTS etc.
  • Supports iPads, Android Tablets, laptop/desktop and large screen devices (requires browser with JavaScript support).
  • Provides a new tablet interface for students, as an input method for their communications with Nao.
  • Provides a new, intuitive interface to allow teachers to configure and launch activities without the need for an internet connection.
  • Support for verbal answers through speech recognition (when supported by the activity).
  • Can be used to launch any application installed on the robot, not just the Assist activities.
  • Provides an interface to enable Nao to say anything you need him to. Just enter what you want him to say and click the speak button. Additionally, store as many phrases as you wish and trigger them as you need them.
  • Based on original, proven ASK Nao solution that has been used all over the world to assist children with autism and special educational needs.
  • Works without an internet connection, using your school’s local WiFi network, or you can configure Nao to act as your WiFi network (Tethering).

Assist for Autism can be supplied as a complete solution including a Nao robot, or, if you already have a Nao, just buy the application and access all of your Nao’s behaviours, along with the Assist activities.

Solutions start from as little as £1620 (excluding Nao6 Robot).

Example Assist for Autism Activites


Animal Card Game

Nao will ask the students to find a randomly selected card from a set of 26 animal cards. Using Assist for Autism, students may select their answer from a tablet. The teaching interface allows the selection of which cards to include in the game.


How Do I feel

Nao will tell a short story. During the story he will pause and ask the student how they think the main character is feeling. The student can select a feeling from one of the three displayed on the tablet. If the tablet is not being used, verbal answers can be used via Nao's speech recognition facilities.


Song Launcher

A simple song launcher, that provides a tablet interface to allow the student to choose which song they would like Nao to perform. Songs include, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Wheels on the Bus and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Other activities include, Guess Sports with tablet support, Little Red Riding Hood Story and Pinocchio Story.